Saturday, September 24, 2011

New Release-Her Father and Mine

Animosity Between Half Sisters!

Seventeen year old Sorboni Andrews reveals the hatred she has for her father’s X-wife. She’d witnessed the unending torture this woman inflicted on her poor mother. Maternal guidance is strong, and like most children, she sides with her mother.

When Sorboni turns ten, she discovers she has a half-sister. Now, seven years later, Sorboni decides she wants to meet Aaliyah Lancaster. Already, there is drama and animosity between them. Their mothers have a turbulent past. Even so, something drives Sorboni to meet Aaliyah. She needs to hear her side of the story. Will Sorboni keep the drama going into the next generation, or will Aaliyah’s truth change Sorboni’s heart? E-Book $1.95

Available in E-Book, and E-Book CD

New Website!!!

Hello Friends,
I hope all is well. I am inviting you all to visit my new website Don't forget to sign the guest book so I know you stopped by.

Coming Soon!!! Embracing Womanhood

The aging process has ravaged Dainty's body, and she's devastated. Robert, her loving husband, helps her cope with the drastic changes. After a planned dinner Robert shares his views on aging. With his support, Dainty learns to embrace the aging process. She's off to a good start until a co-worker manages to undo all of Dainty and Rob's hard work. The aging process is unavoidable. How will Dainty manage the deterioration of her youthful body? $1.95

New Release- Sanctuary-Available Now!


Poetry Collection

A Woman's Journey To Inner Peace


New Release Consequences Of A Temptress-Reprint

When Zoe sets out to get what she wants, she gets more trouble than she anticipated. With her sights set on a dedicated preacher's son, achieving her goal should be easy. Ahmad is drop your jaw handsome, and Zoe has to have him. Using her statuesque body as bait, Zoe attempts to loosen the grips of Ahmad's Christianity. After all, there can't be anything to that religious stuff, right? Inspiration, Romance, Reprint. $1.95

Available Now:

Friday, September 16, 2011

I'm baaacckk

Hey everyone,
Long time no blog. Life was calling so I had to take a little time off, but I'm back now. I have some new stuff going on so stay tune for updates.