Thursday, September 17, 2009

What do Authors do to promote their books?

It's been a while and I am really going to blog. Usually I come on and tell you about my new e-books that were published, but today I am coming to share my thoughts.

A lot of us authors ask the question do you have any suggestions for promoting your book when we have exhausted all the ways we know how. We did them all yet, we know there are more avenues to get your book out there. You know your audience, you e-mail all your friends and family, you sent out flyers to your e-mail mailing list. You updated your blog and website, and all the pages you have. You know all the ones you don't get to update because you have so many you can't remember your password.

Is there a special place or list to follow to get your book out there? Do you have great marketing skills? Maybe you don't have great marketing skills. What do you do?

We all know most of the responsibility for promoting a book is on the author. Publishers do their part but you have to work just as hard. So that means you can't drop the ball and take a rest. You have to push that book in every way you can. Now I will share some of the things I know and maybe they will be helpful. I might be giving you information you all ready know. Some of them I have tried and some I haven't. If you have any suggestions leave them in the comments. We will call this Authors helping Authors.

1. Get a blog and join blogs.
2. Make flyers of your books and email them out and if possible make copies and put them in places such as bulletin boards, etc.
3. Join websites, like, myspace, facebook, Apoo, etc
4. Join communities of your writing genre, such as romance, paranormal or whatever genre you write.
5. Try to send to websites that are offering to review books so you can get reviews or interviews to add to your website and other web pages you have.
6. Ask friends and family to leave reviews, and ask them to pass the word because word of mouth is still a great thing.
7. Make sure to keep your blog, websites and other web pages you have updated.
8.Have a virtual blog tour.

Well that's it for the time being. So until next time.
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Monday, August 10, 2009

Website Update

Hello everyone,

It's been a while. I wanted to let you know I updated my website: Make sure to stop by and read A Woman's Choice a new short story I wrote, and there's a poem in the Poet's lounge. Stop on by and don't forget to sign the guess book.


Friday, April 24, 2009

A Simple Song-My new e-book ready for download

A Simple Song by Letitia P. Blount
Download your copy now for $1.95
Jaeda Pontes has been there, done that when it comes to dealing with her husband Derrick's infidelity issues. To cope, she develops the habit of marrying songs to Derrick's indiscretions which only aids in bringing back the memories she doesn't want to deal with. After Derrick's latest creep, Jaeda has a hard time forgiving him and wonders if she ever can, but an expected surprise forces her to make a major decision. Will she make the right one for all involved? It took a simple song to mark the painful event in Jaeda's life. Will it take a simple song to save or end her marriage?
The lapse of conversation continued until we arrived in front of our house. Before Derrick could get out of the car to open the door for me, I got out and ran up the stairs. It slowly dawned on me that I hadn’t brought my keys. I stood there with a vicious attitude, waiting for Derrick to open the door.Derrick walked up the stairs with a smirk on his face. “See, fast ass, you are always in a rush,” he said. I rolled my eyes and sucked my teeth.

I pushed past him, removed my coat, and threw it on the coat rack next to the front door. It toppled over to the floor.
I ran upstairs and slammed the bedroom door, then lay on the flowered comforter as my tears soaked my cheeks and my pillow. I kicked my heavy black boots off my feet. They thumped on the floor. Grabbing my pillow, I put it over my face and screamed into it.
How could I make him understand? He hadn’t experienced the crushing feelings of deceit, the loss of trust, and the thoughts of someone making love or having sex with someone you love with every part of your being. How the oath of marriage is destroyed because the person I love didn’t care enough about me to think if I were to find out how it would devastate me. It pulled the rug from underneath my whole existence. The foundation dwindled right before my eyes. How can I put it into words so he can understand the damage he has created inside me?

Saturday, April 4, 2009

New E-book coming soon

Keep your eye out for my new e-book A Simple Song coming soon!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

On a mini vacation

Taking a little time off for mini vacation. Lost a loved one who is now in a better place. Will be back soon with new ideas for new writing projects.

Inner peace,

Monday, January 5, 2009

DeltaReviewer- Reviews Embracing Womanhood 41/2 stars

Delta Reviewer
Embracing Womanhood
Letitia P. Blount
Lady Leo Publishing
October 30, 2008
Romance - ebook
4 ½ Stars

We all face the aging process differently - some graceful, some defiant, and some take it all in stride. In this tale, Danity Lee is having real issues with her maturing body. The reassurance of her husband and level headed talk from a dear friend help to rearrange her mind set. The comedic presentation of the storyline coupled with an original feminine subject makes this talk out loud funny.

Blount takes a serious topic and makes it relatable. The descriptions of how body parts sag, skin loosens and an expanding waistline are hilarious. While the emotional attachment on how society thinks you should look meets reality is rather sad. But doesn't this happen to everyone at some point in time? Thanks Blount for helping us laugh at your character while laughing at ourselves. This is a 'green' (paperless) and economical (less than $3) way to share "how to age gracefully" with a friend.

Letitia P. Blount can be contacted at or

DeltareviewerReviewing for Real Page Turners