Friday, April 20, 2012

New Release-Lost in Betrayal by Letitia P. Blount

Lost in Betrayal

A Simple Song

Jaeda Pontes owns Yesterday's Sounds, an Old Skool Music Store. From a child, she developed a habit of associating songs with events in her life. Each morning, Jaeda woke up to a happy existence. It was clear that Drystan loved her. One day, a simple song marked one of the most devastating events in her life. Adultery is never pretty. Will Jaeda ever forgive Drystan? Can they rekindle their once happy marriage?

Reprint: A Simple Song, Christian Romance, Inspirational Romance, IR

Available at and kindle for $2.95

Rocks in my Bed by Letitia P. Blount

Rocks in my Bed

Part One

Is it magic, or the power of prayer

Abandoned by her young parents, Hyacinth never left the farming community where she was born. Approaching her thirties, she realizes her prospects for finding a husband is slim. As tales are passed from generation to generation, her cousins share their story about enchanted rocks. If placed in her bed, these rocks can draw her dream man to her door. Hyacinth is outraged, she's a Christian woman. Burned by their hijinks in the past, she vows that enough is enough. It's time to give her cousins a taste of their own medicine.

Christian Romance, Sweet Romance, IR Romance. Available in E-Book, Kindle and E-Book CD. E-Book available $2.99