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DeltaReviewer- Reviews Embracing Womanhood 41/2 stars

Delta Reviewer
Embracing Womanhood
Letitia P. Blount
Lady Leo Publishing
October 30, 2008
Romance - ebook
4 ½ Stars

We all face the aging process differently - some graceful, some defiant, and some take it all in stride. In this tale, Danity Lee is having real issues with her maturing body. The reassurance of her husband and level headed talk from a dear friend help to rearrange her mind set. The comedic presentation of the storyline coupled with an original feminine subject makes this talk out loud funny.

Blount takes a serious topic and makes it relatable. The descriptions of how body parts sag, skin loosens and an expanding waistline are hilarious. While the emotional attachment on how society thinks you should look meets reality is rather sad. But doesn't this happen to everyone at some point in time? Thanks Blount for helping us laugh at your character while laughing at ourselves. This is a 'green' (paperless) and economical (less than $3) way to share "how to age gracefully" with a friend.

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