Wednesday, October 31, 2012

It's A New Day

It’s a new day

Did you have a bad day yesterday? Did you missed the bus, the car wouldn’t start, and you had a quarrel with your mate? Are the children misbehaving? May I share this affirmation with you?

IT’S A NEW DAY!!!!!!

Yesterday is gone and along with it went the bad day. It can’t harm or bother you anymore.

Today you can make new choices. Do it different than the day before. Perhaps you may not have to do anything. Just sit silent in the moment and remember now doesn’t last forever. Yesterday was just a bad day. That’s it!

A new day is on the horizon it’s called tomorrow. It is filled with courage, love, understanding, and positive energy. May it bring you happiness and joy along with your blessings.

Until next time,

I wish you Inner peace

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