Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Can't Lives On Won't Street

Every time we say the word can’t we stifle our growth, goals, and dreams. Allow me to share a story with you.

Mr. George Dawson, great grand and grandson of slaves learned to read at the age of hundred years old. Every day a young man would come pick Mr. Dawson up to teach him to read. He didn’t even know the Alphabet he signed his name with an X. Before he passed away in 2001 he co-wrote his life story with Richard Glaubman titled Life is so Good. Mr. George Dawson believed it’s never too late.

What an inspirational story. It reminds me whenever I say I can’t I’ll end up on won’t street. This story encourages me to walk out on faith even though I’m taking baby steps. So if you have goals or dreams that you have put off for one reason or another take a leap. Remember it’s never too late unless you believe you can’t. Can’t Street apartments are for rent all the time. The neighborhood is dreary and your neighbors won’t help you because they keep saying they can’t.

Until next time,

I wish you Inner peace

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